Are you prepared?

The first step in being prepared is understanding your unique environment. We developed our assessments so that our clients could have a detailed insight of what their strengths and weaknesses are. Our clients are confident in their safety and their ability to identify threats after reviewing our comprehensive, personalized, reports. A Facility Threat Assessment is often the first step in building an updated, comprehensive, safety plan for our clients.

From Scott:

Every organization should have an assessment to plan their next steps in providing a safe workplace.




  • Overall view of your organization’s ability to mitigate violence through emergency preparedness and physical security.
  •  Accurate and detailed explanations of security vulnerabilities which have been identified as critical, based on worldwide events.
  • Recommendations for improving and maintaining high level security measures, based on organizational needs and public perceptions.
  • Access to data which drives the company’s comprehensive strategy for mitigating workplace violence.

We will physically examine all risks and vulnerabilities of your business.

Provide a security scorecard and base a personalized organization protection plan around our findings. 

Our plan for your business will identify trends, provide recommendations, and methods for mitigating vulnerabilities.

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