Featured Training Courses

We developed these training courses because we believe everyone has a right to feel safe at the grocery store, their workplace, house of worship, movie theaters, and everywhere else in their community. We highly encourage these parents, babysitters, coaches, volunteers, and anyone else who spends a large amount of their time working with the public to take these courses.  We've  also developed several courses for large groups, businesses, organizations, and municipalities that are a great addition to our featured courses. 

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Training Courses for Groups and Businesses

Our situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, and active aggressor courses are not just for individuals who want to feel safe as they go about their daily lives. Those courses can also give employees a valuable skillset for handling conflicts and potentially dangerous situations with their co-workers, or clients and customers. We've designed an additional three courses  just for organizations, businesses, schools, and municipalities.

Survive Your Environment

The Survive Your Environment training empowers groups and/or individuals with the abilities to assess and act during an active aggressor attack. The course includes team exercises and roundtables drills for improving their skills that will take place in your business space. Students will learn our R. A. H. L. F. model response and how to integrate it into their plans. Completion of this course will enable staff members to better understand and use teamwork skills for crisis situations, communication during an emergency, accurately assess items and locations for protecting themselves, fortifying their position and determining pathways to a safe location.

Fortifying a Safe Room

Safe room planning, securing, and defending in the event of an active aggressor/active shooter. This course is an expansion of our Survive Your Environment course and is designed to help your staff best understand how to navigate their workspace in the event that an aggressor enters the room they are in, is trying to harm them. This course focuses on a more advanced version of a lockdown drill, how to designate spaces in your environment as safe rooms, and treating trauma wounds. Only taught in person.

Safety Team Training

This is a 2-day course that can be taken at APB, or at your business location.  In this course we will teach your designated safety coordinators how to read assessments, conduct safety planning, lead safety drills and how to keep you and your organization prepared when an emergency occurs.  This is a 2-year certification.

Customize Your Safety Plan

Emergency Action Planning can be overwhelming. APB is here to help with that too. We can review your safety plan, help explain what it needs to include, or help you develop it from scratch. We've also developed the most comprehensive Facility Threat Assessment rubric on the market. We can assess your business space or organization's environment and help you develop a plan to keep it safe.

Facility Threat Assessments

Are You Prepared?

Contact us today and we'll help you customize a safety training session that fits your organization's needs.